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Rs. 400.00
Rs. 400.00
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Comes with a surprise MotoGP sticker and SOAMJENA signed note :)

✅ ANTIBACTERIAL & DE-ODORANT PROPERTIES: The inner layer filters out bacteria more efficiently than regular masks.

✅ Mask Size is universal, fits most medium and large size faces.

✅ STRETCHABLE & STYLISH ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Manufactured with stretchable fabrics that make it more comfortable to wear for long hours. The ergonomic design fits almost all adults easily.

✅ PROTECTION FROM SPLASH & RADIATION: Super-efficient filtration against liquid droplets or splashes from reaching to nose/mouth. The mask also provides protection against harmful UV rays & far-infrared radiation that can damage sensitive face skin. 

✅ WASHABLE & REUSABLE: The wrinkle-resistant Mask is washable and reusable with a gentle hand wash with regular water. Experience the same freshness, comfort, and style. 

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